“You come for the cars, you stay for the people.” Variations of that phrase are common in SCCA. You will find a group of disparate people who are all attracted by their common love of motorsport, and find themselves in the company of people they enjoy being around. We drive a run that lasts 40 or 50 seconds, and then can spend hours discussing and dissecting it, for that is part of the fun.

There are good drivers and, well, not-so-good drivers. We drive the latest whizzo out of Detroit or Japan, or some 45-year-old British antique that we are just in love with. We compete on five-figure budgets and on pocket change. We may carry $1000 worth of tools or just a tire gauge in the glovebox.

It doesn’t really matter. We do this because it is fun. We work very hard at having fun. And we are always eager to share the experience. Come play with us.


Join the Fun

Become a member of the Salina Region SCCA. Simply complete the Membership Application and bring it to any Salina event. Or mail it, with payment, to the SCCA Membership Department at 6620 SW Dwight St., Topeka, KS 66619

Associate Members- If you are already a member of the SCCA and just want an Associate Membership in the Salina Region the cost is $15.  Simply call SCCA (1-800-770-2055, ask for Membership) and tell them you want to add a Salina Region membership. Or you can pay at the next event you attend and we’ll take care of that for you.  Note that if you have a family membership in the SCCA that $15 covers your entire family.  Your Salina Region membership renews at the same time as your SCCA membership.

Referral-  Be sure you put down the name and number of the person who got you interested in SCCA.  They get some benefit from referral.

Weekend Members – SCCA and the club’s insurors now require that all competitors be members. To that end SCCA has created the Weekend Membership. All Regions set their own rate. We charge $10 (It’s included in our non-member entry fee). But this Weekend Membership is also worth a $15 discount (can use a max of 2) on a full SCCA membership if joined within 60 days. It’s a good deal, and a great way to dip your toe in the SCCA waters.

The Membership Application is in Adobe PDF format.  You must have Adobe Acrobat to read the file.