Road Racing


If you are interested in SCCA road racing, we can point you in the right direction. Our nearest track is Heartland Park Topeka, which runs two or three SCCA weekends a year. These events may include the Performance Driving Experience (PDX), where you can run your street car in a controlled environment at speed (almost) on the track. The PDX, which is always a driver school context, has strict safety and passing rules (no actual racing with other cars) that makes it a very safe way to go fast on a real race track.

In addition, there are three more road racing tracks within an easy 3½-hour drive of Salina – Hallett Motor Racing Circuit west of Tulsa, Motorsports Park Hastings in Nebraska, and Mid-America Motorplex in Iowa south of Omaha, Neb. Easy to do races at these and still be home before nightfall.

Many SCCA members enjoy attending these events as race officials/workers – the people in the white suits who come to an errant driver’s rescue, or the officials in timing or grid or the starters or stewards. A road race needs dozens of people each weekend to put the event on and they would be glad to have newcomers.

Or, wanna race? Real wheel-to-wheel racing. This is the place to do it, whether in a Spec Miata or Improved Touring car on a small budget, or a Formula Continental or GT1 Mustang (Trans-Am type) on a money-is-no-object expense account. Salina Region does not put on road races, but we have some members who are racers. We’ve got answers (or can find them) for your questions.E-mail one of our senior members.