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Jun 5-6Mirror Khana/MIDIV 2016SCCA - Salina RegionEast Crawford Recreation AreaSalina, KS, KSAutocross/SoloRegister now on MotorsportReg.com

At its most basic, SCCA can be described as a group of motorheads who enjoy competing our cars in events where we turn both right and left. We do this in a number of ways, ranging from the relatively low-speed Solo event (autocross), to full-bore road racing at close to 200 mph.

      What we do in Salina Region, however, is not the triple-digit aspect of SCCA – we are primarily an autocross club – but if road racing is your goal you can get there through us.

      SCCA is a national organization of more than 60,000 members. Salina Region is one of 113 individual Regions (local clubs). We are a small corner of SCCA, with a bit more than one tenth of one percent of that membership – about 100 members or so. But we put on some of the most enjoyable autocross events in Kansas.

      You don’t really need what may be considered a “sports car” to enjoy our car sports. Open roadsters are fun, but so are small and nimble sedans. To us, a Mustang or Camaro is a “big” car. Or, as a neighboring SCCA Region likes to say, “Every car is a sports car … sometimes.”

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